Whether investigating crime, delivering training programmes to national law enforcement officers, or providing guidance to governments and United Nations agencies, Justin's experience is unrivalled.

Professionally trained as a British police detective, with a master's degree in International Criminal Justice, and over 24 years of relevant experience with inter-governmental agencies and non-governmental organisations, Justin has helped dozens of clients deliver important projects across the globe.

This portfolio provides Justin with a unique perspective to develop international policy grounded to local implementation with a comprehensive understanding of the requirements in between.

  • Justin was a great addition to the team his wealth of experience in enforcement work and illegal trade benefited all wildlife projects managed efficiently through him.
    — Jan Schmidt-Burbach - Senior Wildlife & Veterinary Advisor at World Animal Protection
  • If you’re looking for a person who will not only add value, but enhance the performance of your team, Justin should be at the top of your list
    — Debby Ng, Photojournalist and Environmental Activist
  • Justin is a thorough, conscientious and courageous investigator. He is able to make use of his innovative thinking to steer his operating methods towards achieving results.
    — Matt Langridge, Police Officer (retired)